Sophia Magdalena Hofmann

love. clarity. connection. integrity. tranformation. creation.

About me

For decades I tried to follow the path of being a good and helpful woman. Then I discovered that modern culture has an edge. This discovery shocked me more than I can describe. No one prepared me for suddenly teetering over an abyss beyond which lies only the unknown. Now that I have made this cultural edge my new home and have been training myself in bridge-building, I notice so many women, men, and organizations confronted with the same harsh reality: modern culture is not leading us into a regenerative future. Our children are doomed unless those with courage join hands, hearts, and minds to invent and inhabit new ways of being human on Earth together. I am so committed to the possibility that human beings can grow up and start over by stepping sideways out of ancient rigid hierarchies into evolutionary circles, that we can collaborate for life instead of competing for survival. Discovering the edge has unleashed my true calling: facilitating personal and organizational evolutionary shift processes, and building new formats for people to express creative and productive interactions together.